Self-Discovery with Lilla

I help unfulfilled millennial women reconnect with their true selves, so they can create a life they love, without the fear of judgement.



Growing up I wanted to save the world. Deep down I always knew I wanted to change lives, but I wasn't sure how.. 

It has been a rocky road, but now I live for my passion and there's nothing I love more, than to guide people to take action and build a life they've always dreamt of.


Do you feel lost, like you don’t know who you are?

Do you feel like you are the supporting act in your own life, running on auto-pilot everyday?

Feeling unmotivated and uninspired?

Do you feel like who you are is hidden and lost inside you?

Are you constantly doubting yourself and your decisions?

Are you running around in circles, getting the same results over and over again?

Do you care too much about what people think, so you hide your true self?

Have you lost touch to who you are and what really matters?


Coaching is a solution-based, action focused method to bring the best version of yourself to

the surface and get you to go through a personal transformation to get you from stuck to

your dream life.

As a self-discovery coach my main focus is getting you to connect with your inner self, and

align yourself with your actions and goals. I believe that if we are in touch with who we are,

we build unwavering trust and strength to go for what we want.

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Coach Lilla is a natural when it comes to lifting you up to another level. Her style of guiding you into self love is awesome. I gained so much more love for myself, that i now been able to step up and not being afraid of it. Thank you so much for helping me see who i really am.


Lilla led me through her program; what helped me to have a different point of view about the barriers what had stopped me in personal growth. With Lilla's help these barriers started to disappear and led me to a better me, and my environment also changed. I will miss her sessions.


Lilla is such a wonderful person and immediately had a connection with her! She helped me work through my foggy and scrambled brain to figure out what I actually wanted and deserved. Lilla helped me feel empowered in my own self and helped me see that I am worthy. Thank you Lilla!

My program is built for success.


You will gain true connection to who you are, so you can go out there trusting yourself, your decisions, and take action towards your goals and dreams. 

You will have absolute clarity on what you need to do, and unwavering confidence that you can do it



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