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Helping you to go within, find stillness in the noise & create impact with purpose


About Me

My Path To Alignment


Growing up I wanted to save the world. Deep down I always knew I wanted to change lives, but I wasn't sure how.. 

It has been a rocky road, but now I live for my passion and there's nothing I love more, than to guide people to take action and build a life they've always dreamt of.


Coaching with me.

Over the past year I have been perfecting and studying the science, the tools and of self-discovery and deep subconscious coaching methods. 

But I soon realised the results I want to help my clients to achieve need far more than just actionable steps and breaking through limiting beliefs. 

The women I work with learn not only to trust, love and connect to themselves. but to connect to the moment and enjoy it.

I incorporate mindfulness into my programs because I realised it is the key to consistent and unconditional happiness. The ability to stay in the moment without judgement, and expectations opens up the gate to BEING instead of constantly trying to take ACTION towards our goals, desires and wants.

My programs contain guided meditations, mindfulness pratices and perfectly match them with deep inner work, transformation and a safe space to heal.

If you ever tried coaching but it wasn't sacred enough, if you tried meditation, yoga but it wasn't deep enough...

My method is perfect for you. 

I offer 6 and 12 week programs as well as 6 month mentorship programs.

You can book in a free alignment call and see if we're a good match for each other.


The thing you are worried about in this moment will be a memory soon. So how do you want to remember it?