About Me

My Path To Finding My True Nature

Hi everyone!

My name is Lilla and I'm an accredited and certified Self-Discovery & Mindfulness Coach. 

When I think back to my life, it was always obvious that I am going to end up on this field. With a parental background of naturopathy, coaching and spirituality I was always drawn to healing ourselves through mind body soul connection.

Growing up I was always a little bit unsure about my own voice, my place in the world. I felt like life was throwing me around and I felt like a victim most of the days... Someone with no voice, and no permission to stand up for herself..

I didn't choose relationships, they chose me. I didn't choose my path of education, I was going with the 'norm'.

But this slowly revealed how lost and unheard I felt. So after a lot of misaligned action, that felt like failures I decided to own my life and take responsibility.

This first step changed my life. I was no longer waiting for someone to solve my problems.

I was not interested in the conventional way. I just wanted to know and understand what exactly I needed, without listening to what others wanted me to do and BE.

And this led me to follow my intuition, my heart. Which taught me to believe in myself. To believe my feelings and what they are telling me.

There was a lot of breaking through my own walls, rewriting my own programmings that have been telling me I'm not worthy, enough or capable.

And what I realised is that life, self-development, mindfulness is not linear.

You have bad days, you have good days.

All you can do is stay in the moment, take action where you can, and BE and surrender where you can't. 

This is my journey and it will never end.

But what I've learned, experienced and studied so carefully is what I want to offer you as your safe haven, your space to connect with your true nature. Like I did, and I am every single day.


By dedicating more time to self exploration I realised what my true core values are. 

Giving more than what I take and living in love is the essence of my life and I found my passion and purpose.

My life is aligned with who I truly am and what I really want.

I believe in a future that I can’t feel yet with my senses but I can truly believe in it. Because I believe in myself. 

So with this program and my mindfulness practice I created an environment for myself where I can be 100% who I want to be, be at peace and feel fulfilled, through finding my calling.

My decisions are contributing in many ways to my future, I need to trust them and I need to stand up for myself and own my worth.

Never forget: Success is your birthright!