My Programs & Mentorships


6 & 12 week programs

This program is my all in, up close and personal, 1:1 package.

You will have full access to me through Zoom calls, Voxer voice messages, all my guided meditations, personalised meditations on demand.

This program is for you if you are ready to step out of the victimhood and into full alignment with yourself, your true nature and the Universe.

If you feel like you are lost in all the noise that is surrounding you, work, deadlines, old memories, patterns, relationships and you want to experience inner peace, find your own path, repair relationships, let go, and finally know how to treat yourself as priority so you can live a fulfilled and meaningful life, book in your free alignment call and let's chat!

6 Month Mentorship Program

If you are ready to completely transform your life, rewire your brain, and create a life for yourself that will charge you, make you feel jump out of bed this mentorship program is for you.

It combines everything that I know about mindfulness, coaching, positive psychology, how to transform your life through self-discovery, gain confidence in yourself, learn to trust your intuition, let go of doubts, fears and trauma.

Rewrite your story and rebirth the person you already are deep down.

This is the full life transformation experience. 

You set the pace, I will be your guide and safe space to push you or hold you when you need it.

Tailored to your life, working from the inside out for a harmonious, peaceful and mindful relationship with yourself and others.


Getting in touch is the first step on the path towards healing and mindfulness.