What They Are Saying


I believe that there are moments in your life that turn your whole world upside down. It is exactly one of those moments.

Mine is and perhaps will always be an ongoing process. Lilla has always been very nice and unbelievably patient with me, making me realise that every tiny win is a win and changing takes time and some serious work. And I don't have to sort out everything in a second, all I have to do is take the first (and then the next step).

8 weeks is a long time but I feel like all the things we went through still work within me. It was an intense and very eye opening period of my life. With the joy of actually meeting myself perhaps for the first time of my life. Realising my needs, listening to my own voice.

I incorporated so many things we learned. I look at my relationships differently. I appreciate things I never have before. I am grateful.

She gives so much, it's hard to say with words. Confidence, a new perspective, help, a safe place to return to, something to get you through "the rainy days" as well. And makes you realise that all you need is already yours. You have the power, you have the strength and all the resources to truly be the person you always wanted to be.
She is a wonderful great spirit in a lovely lady's body. It has been an enormous pleasure. I cannot be grateful enough Lilla. Thank you.


Dear Lilla! I totally changed. As you said my voice came back. Where to start?

I don’t get up with my expectations anymore, blaming myself that I should do more and more things, giving up my dreams because of bad self-talk. I realized what I've been doing, and I check my self-talk. I see the the thoughts and their effects.

I learned to believe in myself so the difficulties can not stop me from my goals.

In general I am much more happier and I focus more on my health and I can let go of work stress much more while I can carry out much more throughout the day.

You made me take action and align to my dreams, so my goals became visible in the present and I see them as possible, while I almost gave up on them before.

I learned so much!  

Thank you! I think now I have a good base to part, and start on the really important goals aligned to ourselves. 


My life was turned upside down when Covid hit. I lost almost all of my clients, my fiancé by that time lost his job and we had to leave the beautiful city I loved to live in. It was scary and I was totally in a victim mindset. Why was this happening to me?? I was lost, unhappy and felt stuck in my business.

Then you came into my life...

You completely changed my mindset. I'm grateful for the little things, happy and more spiritual. I'm not a victim anymore and know that the universe just wants the best for me - it's FOR me and not AGAINST me. And as soon as I started to believe that, everything just fell in place - I got married, I got a job, I moved into a new apartment, I gained a new client, etc.

Thank you so much for being such a great, caring and loving coach Lilla!

I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it and I totally miss our Monday morning calls. I'm sure you will be able to transform many many lives into something beautiful